Uh.. well I was supposed to take a picture with the food for this. But, it looked too good not to inhale right away. LOL 

Thank you to Clean Meals for sponsoring our lunch & dinner! You are so awesome, it was delicious!

Eating healthy is extremely important ESPECIALLY when you are constantly on the go. Fast food and eating unhealthy are the common go to’s when you are on the move, but now IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE! Thanks to Clean Meals! They are an excellent company who makes meals to go! They cater to YOUR NEEDS! Are you vegan? THEY HAVE THAT TOO! Think of Clean Meals next time you need a quick snack!


  1. Select your package
  2. They prepare it fresh
  3. They deliver


Visit them at: www.cleanmeals.ca

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Since being crowned in January as Miss Teen Waterloo Region 2018, I have been involved in many events around my region!

Starting off I was an ambassador for “Dvas Custom cakes & treats”  for their second year open as a business! It was so fun getting to see everyone and eating some delicious cupcakes!

Next, I met all of the mayors of Waterloo Region and talked with them about the community and let them know about the pageant and different ways for me to help the community through efforts of the youth!

After that, a friend of mine ran a fundraiser and I donated to the cause! The fundraiser was called the “Pack a purse challenge” and the objective was to fill a purse full of hygiene products and those were given to women’s shelters of Waterloo Region! It was so heartwarming knowing I was helping women within the community.

Shortly after, I participated in my high schools “We Walk For Water” campaign. In this campaign, we were to raise $25 because $25 gives 1 person clean water for life! And with a ton of participation from the school raised $3,700! It was a 5k walk because every day there are millions of people who walk 5k+ to get water and let me tell you it wasn’t easy, but very worth it.

Later on, I was in the Waterloo Region “Canada Day Parade” and had a blast! It was so fun to see everyone in the community come together and celebrate Canada! I had a blast taking pictures with kids and even adults! It was also so much fun riding on the back of a blue mustang!

Lastly, I recently volunteered at the “Cambridge Rotary Ribfest 2018” and it was absolutely incredible! I was at the front gates and worked fundraising for the event! There was no admission fee but donations to the Rotary were appreciated! Not sure what the total was yet but by the buckets we collected…a lot! The Cambridge Rotary is an incredible company that helps give back to the community and does things such as build ramps for people who have a physical disability and need access to one! I had a blast and will definitely be back next year!


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Hi everyone!

As the Miss Teenage Canada pageant creeps closer and closer, I would like to take the time to thank all of my sponsors so far!

Thank you La Creme for providing me with a BEAUTIFUL evening gown for the pageant! Thank you to all my friends and family who donated to my GoFundMe! You’re a huge help. Thank you Jaded Nail Salon for giving me those pageant perfect manicure and pedicure! Thank you to corporate sponsors Michael Walker Advertising & Danice Professionals! Thank you to the City of Cambridge for providing me with awesome Cambridge swag! Thank you to Marlas fashion for providing me with a second evening gown for the pageant!

Thank you, everyone, I could not do that without you guys!


INSTAGRAM: @missteenwaterlooregion18



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Written by: Avery
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Hello everyone! My name is Avery and I am your NEW Miss Teen Waterloo Region for the 2018 year! I am so honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to be the representative of Miss Teen Waterloo Region. I have lived here since the age of 3 and growing up in Waterloo Region has really opened my eyes as well as many doors for me. I am so so excited to be participating in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant being a representative for Ontario in August!!!! This is extremely unreal, I have always had a love for pageants since a very young age when I was literally OBSESSED with Toddlers in Tiaras and I use to beg my mom to let me join the pageant world, but she always told me to do it not for vanity but when you have a voice. So, HERE I AM! I have a strong passion for self-love and empowering women because, um… GIRLS RULE! I am a huge self-advocate for self-love and confidence and you can follow me on my Youtube journey of helping young girls and women become more confident. (I will link my youtube.) I have a huge love for the arts! I have been doing film work since the age of 7, professional theater training since the age of 10 and musical theater training since the age of 8! I aspire to become a drama teacher one day and help kids break out of their shell and become confident performers! Please make sure to follow me on all my social media accounts as well as this blog for many new and exciting events I partake in this upcoming year!

Instagram: @Missteenwaterlooregion18

Twitter: @MTWR2018

Facebook: @MTWR2018 – Avery

Youtube: Avery Rose

Written by: Avery
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Arriving at Miss Teenage Canada has felt like a dream come true, I have waited so long and finally getting here was magical. After settling in and getting to know my new roomie (Miss Teenage Northwest Saskatchewan) we headed off to the Sponsor Party!!! This took place in the meeting room at the Edward Village Hotel in North York, near 7:30pm. This date August 7th, 2017 will definitely go down in history.

Making new friends at the sponsor party!

We all sat down and were welcomed by Alice – Miss Toronto World, Rob from Street Chic, and Michelle, our pageant director! After the introductory, we were set off on our own to get our new sashes and check out the sponsor tables!

Trading in my sash.

I love my new Ontario sash. Seeing all of the girls from different provinces with their sashes are amazing as well! There are 59 contestants in total, and my number is 37.

First up on our sponsor table was Nine West! They are graciously providing heels for us to wear during our competition. They were on display, but we are getting them some time this week! Can’t wait to call them my own. 🙂 

Nine West!

All of the sponsors for Miss Teenage Canada are small to medium sized businesses, that truly see the value in supporting pageants. They are truly more than meets the eye.

Next up on the sponsor table we had Rob himself working the Archer Dental table handing out toothbrushes and toothpaste to all of the delegates. All provided by the famous Toronto dentist; Dr. Natalie Archer – Dr. Archer is big on empowering women through sciences which makes her perfect for a sponsor. 

If you read my last blog you would have known that I wrote an article for Street Chic! Street Chic’s own Lilly Lao was there. Lilly and her team published over 30 blogs written by the Miss Teenage Canada delegates. She also provided us with some gorgeous ear rings. Her magazine is definitely one to look out for. If I were to give her one piece of advice regarding her magazine I would say that promoting is the biggest thing you can do! Buy out some ads online or in downtown Toronto and show everyone the true beauty of Street Chic!

HERE is a link to my article.

Dahlia DeSouza from UpToTheTime Watches was also present, at her sponsor table there was gift bags with a piece of jewellery inside! I received a rose gold necklace. I took a photo with the watch I would like to win and am now waiting to see how the rest of the week unfolds!

The watch I love from Uptothetime!

One of my favourite parts of the night was singing karaoke and playing the ukulele at Judy’s sponsor area! Judy is a music teacher at Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga. The delegates were invited to part take in a #MTCSongSelfie challenge where we would record ourselves performing and post it on Instagram. The lucky winner with the most likes gets a free wireless microphone! 

Now, if you’ve noticed me or the other girls using the hashtag #MTC2017 recently, it is to win the social media portion of the pageant. Thanks to apps like Hashtagio , we can track posts. Hashtagio is co-sponsored by Standard Telecom, and we are encouraged to Hashtag MTC2017 on everything! If you wanna see some of the behind-the-scenes action click HERE! 

Last but certainly not least on the sponsor train was Super Adorbs! Unfortunately, I was late to getting to the table and did not receive anything from them but here is what I’ve heard! Each individual accessory will make any outfit POP! Built with feminine style for individual expression. 

It was a fantastic first night filled with cake and pizza and making new friends! I most certainly cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings me.

All of my goodies!


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I can officially say that I am a published journalist in the Canadian magazine Street Chic! The journey to get here, however was a lot different than I expected it to be. First of all, finding people willing to participate was a challenge. I approached any fashionable person (males and females) and said “Hey! My name is Kaitlyn, Miss Teenage Waterloo Region. Nice to meet you. I am going to be competing for Miss Teenage Canada in a few days, and a part of that is writing a magazine article for Street Chic that is all about local Canadian fashion! Is this something you’d be interested in?” I got more no’s than yes’s, but the ones that said yes were definitely model material.

The Pandora bracelets and rings on Chloe!

Secondly, really getting to know the people photographed. I expected it to be a quick 1, 2 what are you wearing?! But I got to know the in-depth person that each of them are. In fact, Brianna (one of my models) is transferring to my school this year! So I definitely made some new friends. Really sitting down and getting to know a stranger is something we don’t do often enough. They all had unique stories of their lives and I couldn’t imagine myself going up to them in any other circumstance, but now I think I will be a more open person and try to talk to new people wherever I go.

Brianna, one of my models.

Lastly, my eyes were opened about brand name clothing. The moral of the story for my article is don’t go broke trying to impress others. Fashion isn’t about the price of the clothing, it is all about knowing where to look. Names like Winners, Ardenes, and Reitmans were thrown around often. Affordable brands and one hell of an outfit!

Kimberly in her Frank-Lyman beaded white dress.

Please take a read at my full article HERE! 

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One. Week. Today. That’s one week until Miss Teenage Canada! To celebrate my 7 months of Miss Teenage Waterloo Region I had a photo shoot in the beautiful Port Severn, Ontario! (Thank you mom, you’re the best)

Here are a few of my favourite shots:

Also, I have exceeded my goal of raising $400 for Me To We- Free The Children! I am so thankful for everyone who donated, it is so greatly appreciated. It feels amazing to do something that will benefit the lives of children around the world!

I am ready to make the Waterloo Region proud, and can’t wait until 30 years from now when I can tell my future children that I was a national delegate!

Cheers for now!

  • Kaitlyn


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The Region of Waterloo is a very special place made up of the tri-cities. Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo. There are several little cities piled up in between the three as well.

So what makes it so special?

This is home to over 583,500 people, and around 91,970 of the residence here in the region are college and university students from around the world. So with having so many cultures and students from kindergarten to college / university, there are so many amazing places to visit and spend the day at in our region for all ages!

I asked some of my friends and followers living in the area what their favourite thing to do around town was and here are a few of their responses:

  • “The absolute best thing to do in Hespeler (Cambridge) is go out for ice cream on Queen Street to Indulge and then walk down to the Speed River, watch the falls, and make new friends!” – ME!
  • “Kitchener is a shopping town. Seriously it’s dangerous, I enter Fairview Mall or St. Jacobs farmers market and before I know it I’ve spent my entire pay check!” – Saba
  • “Waterloo is so multi-cultural that you can go into town and find every kind of food, music, dancing, etc, that you love! That is definitely where I could spend an entire day and never get bored.” – Kimberly
  • “Sky-zone in Kitchener, and Core climbing gym in Cambridge are the best to me.” – Cameron
  • “Chicopee Ski Hill in Cambridge! Even in the summer they have zip lining and camps, its amazing.” – Evan

Enjoying an ice cream from Indulge!

St. Jacobs around Halloween!

During the KW Multicultural Festival!

The SkyZone pit!

HPS Chicopee Day!

No matter the weather there is something for you to do and see! I hope one day you all get a chance to spend a day in the best region in the world! And if you have already been, leave a comment and share with me what your favourite thing to do in Waterloo is.

See you soon!

Indulge Ice Cream, Fairview Mall, St. Jacobs Farmers Market, SkyZone Kitchener, Core Climbing Gym, Chicopee Ski Hill.

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