Since being crowned in January as Miss Teen Waterloo Region 2018, I have been involved in many events around my region!

Starting off I was an ambassador for “Dvas Custom cakes & treats”  for their second year open as a business! It was so fun getting to see everyone and eating some delicious cupcakes!

Next, I met all of the mayors of Waterloo Region and talked with them about the community and let them know about the pageant and different ways for me to help the community through efforts of the youth!

After that, a friend of mine ran a fundraiser and I donated to the cause! The fundraiser was called the “Pack a purse challenge” and the objective was to fill a purse full of hygiene products and those were given to women’s shelters of Waterloo Region! It was so heartwarming knowing I was helping women within the community.

Shortly after, I participated in my high schools “We Walk For Water” campaign. In this campaign, we were to raise $25 because $25 gives 1 person clean water for life! And with a ton of participation from the school raised $3,700! It was a 5k walk because every day there are millions of people who walk 5k+ to get water and let me tell you it wasn’t easy, but very worth it.

Later on, I was in the Waterloo Region “Canada Day Parade” and had a blast! It was so fun to see everyone in the community come together and celebrate Canada! I had a blast taking pictures with kids and even adults! It was also so much fun riding on the back of a blue mustang!

Lastly, I recently volunteered at the “Cambridge Rotary Ribfest 2018” and it was absolutely incredible! I was at the front gates and worked fundraising for the event! There was no admission fee but donations to the Rotary were appreciated! Not sure what the total was yet but by the buckets we collected…a lot! The Cambridge Rotary is an incredible company that helps give back to the community and does things such as build ramps for people who have a physical disability and need access to one! I had a blast and will definitely be back next year!


Written by: Avery

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