Hello everyone! My name is Avery and I am your NEW Miss Teen Waterloo Region for the 2018 year! I am so honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to be the representative of Miss Teen Waterloo Region. I have lived here since the age of 3 and growing up in Waterloo Region has really opened my eyes as well as many doors for me. I am so so excited to be participating in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant being a representative for Ontario in August!!!! This is extremely unreal, I have always had a love for pageants since a very young age when I was literally OBSESSED with Toddlers in Tiaras and I use to beg my mom to let me join the pageant world, but she always told me to do it not for vanity but when you have a voice. So, HERE I AM! I have a strong passion for self-love and empowering women because, um… GIRLS RULE! I am a huge self-advocate for self-love and confidence and you can follow me on my Youtube journey of helping young girls and women become more confident. (I will link my youtube.) I have a huge love for the arts! I have been doing film work since the age of 7, professional theater training since the age of 10 and musical theater training since the age of 8! I aspire to become a drama teacher one day and help kids break out of their shell and become confident performers! Please make sure to follow me on all my social media accounts as well as this blog for many new and exciting events I partake in this upcoming year!

Instagram: @Missteenwaterlooregion18

Twitter: @MTWR2018

Facebook: @MTWR2018 – Avery

Youtube: Avery Rose

Written by: Avery

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