I can officially say that I am a published journalist in the Canadian magazine Street Chic! The journey to get here, however was a lot different than I expected it to be. First of all, finding people willing to participate was a challenge. I approached any fashionable person (males and females) and said “Hey! My name is Kaitlyn, Miss Teenage Waterloo Region. Nice to meet you. I am going to be competing for Miss Teenage Canada in a few days, and a part of that is writing a magazine article for Street Chic that is all about local Canadian fashion! Is this something you’d be interested in?” I got more no’s than yes’s, but the ones that said yes were definitely model material.

The Pandora bracelets and rings on Chloe!

Secondly, really getting to know the people photographed. I expected it to be a quick 1, 2 what are you wearing?! But I got to know the in-depth person that each of them are. In fact, Brianna (one of my models) is transferring to my school this year! So I definitely made some new friends. Really sitting down and getting to know a stranger is something we don’t do often enough. They all had unique stories of their lives and I couldn’t imagine myself going up to them in any other circumstance, but now I think I will be a more open person and try to talk to new people wherever I go.

Brianna, one of my models.

Lastly, my eyes were opened about brand name clothing. The moral of the story for my article is don’t go broke trying to impress others. Fashion isn’t about the price of the clothing, it is all about knowing where to look. Names like Winners, Ardenes, and Reitmans were thrown around often. Affordable brands and one hell of an outfit!

Kimberly in her Frank-Lyman beaded white dress.

Please take a read at my full article HERE! 

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