Arriving at Miss Teenage Canada has felt like a dream come true, I have waited so long and finally getting here was magical. After settling in and getting to know my new roomie (Miss Teenage Northwest Saskatchewan) we headed off to the Sponsor Party!!! This took place in the meeting room at the Edward Village Hotel in North York, near 7:30pm. This date August 7th, 2017 will definitely go down in history.

Making new friends at the sponsor party!

We all sat down and were welcomed by Alice – Miss Toronto World, Rob from Street Chic, and Michelle, our pageant director! After the introductory, we were set off on our own to get our new sashes and check out the sponsor tables!

Trading in my sash.

I love my new Ontario sash. Seeing all of the girls from different provinces with their sashes are amazing as well! There are 59 contestants in total, and my number is 37.

First up on our sponsor table was Nine West!¬†They are graciously providing heels for us to wear during our competition. They were on display, but we are getting them some time this week! Can’t wait to call them my own. ūüôā¬†

Nine West!

All of the sponsors for Miss Teenage Canada are small to medium sized businesses, that truly see the value in supporting pageants. They are truly more than meets the eye.

Next up on the sponsor table we had Rob himself working the Archer Dental table handing out toothbrushes and toothpaste to all of the delegates. All provided by the famous Toronto dentist; Dr. Natalie Archer РDr. Archer is big on empowering women through sciences which makes her perfect for a sponsor. 

If you read my last blog you would have known that I wrote an article for Street Chic! Street Chic’s own Lilly Lao was there. Lilly and her team published over 30 blogs written by the Miss Teenage Canada delegates. She also provided us with some gorgeous ear rings. Her magazine is definitely one to look out for. If I were to give her one piece of advice regarding her magazine I would say that promoting is the biggest thing you can do! Buy out some ads online or in downtown Toronto and show everyone the true beauty of Street Chic!

HERE is a link to my article.

Dahlia DeSouza from UpToTheTime Watches was also present, at her sponsor table there was gift bags with a piece of jewellery inside! I received a rose gold necklace. I took a photo with the watch I would like to win and am now waiting to see how the rest of the week unfolds!

The watch I love from Uptothetime!

One of my favourite parts of the night was singing karaoke and playing the ukulele at Judy’s sponsor area! Judy is a music teacher at Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga. The delegates were invited to part take in a #MTCSongSelfie challenge where we would record ourselves performing and post it on Instagram. The lucky winner with the most likes gets a free wireless microphone!¬†

Now, if you’ve noticed me or the other girls using the hashtag #MTC2017 recently, it is to win the social media portion of the pageant. Thanks to apps like Hashtagio¬†, we can track posts. Hashtagio is co-sponsored by Standard Telecom, and we are encouraged to Hashtag MTC2017 on everything! If you wanna see some of the behind-the-scenes action click HERE!¬†

Last but certainly not least on the sponsor train was Super Adorbs!¬†Unfortunately, I was late to getting to the table and did not receive anything from them but here is what I’ve heard! Each individual accessory will make any outfit POP! Built with feminine style for individual expression.¬†

It was a fantastic first night filled with cake and pizza and making new friends! I most certainly cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings me.

All of my goodies!


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