Well hello everybody! I have just arrived back home from a 12 day trip overseas to the gorgeous London, England. And I have to tell you, it was completely magical. Everyday we did something new and exciting! We ended up going almost everywhere in the country that a typical tourist would go.


When I was 6 months old my grandfather passed away, he was born and raised in England and that was where my granny met him. I never got a chance to really meet and know him but just being in England and seeing everything he would have seen, learning the history of each town and place we went really connected me with the man I wish I could have known.


I recommend you all visit the UK at one point, there are so many things to see and do. And to think that I was entering Abbeys and Cathedrals that are hundreds of years old is mind blowing to me. You don’t see things like that back home because after all, we just turned 150!


I will spare you the details but here are a few of the trips highlights:

  • Going to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to see ‘Twelfth Night’
  • Visiting Big Ben, Parliament square, and Westminster Abbey and lighting a candle for my Nanny
  • Boating on the Thames
  • Tower of London
  • Happening to be at Buckingham Palace on the State Visit for the King and Queen of Spain! (Seeing the Royal Family in person)
  • The London Eye
  • Windsor Castle
  • Stonehenge / Avebury henge
  • Visiting Bath and seeing the Roman Baths
  • Hampton Court Palace where we watched jousting
  • And visiting Madame Tussaud’s


Well that was my life in pictures, it’s been a really good one. I cannot thank my family enough for bringing me over and truly giving me the trip of a lifetime. xx

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